The I Dare to Heal 3-book series:
Book 1   Book 2   Book 3

Book 1: I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love

    In his first book, Vorensky describes the techniques of Bioenergetics, Rebirthing, Conscious Healing Breath, Primal Therapy, Relationship/Peer Counseling, Spiritual Music, Mirror Work, Kabbala, Ceremonial Sacred Sweat Lodge, Tantra, Reiki, Drumming and Workshops.

It also discusses Devotional Singing, Synchronicity, Yoga, T'ai Chi Chih, Meditation, Reflexology, Affirmations, Shiatsu Massage, Tae Kwon Do, Art Therapy, Healing Touch, Course of Miracles, Kinesiology Chiropractic, Dances of Universal Peace, Acupucture, Religious Science, Play, Beauty, Laughter, and Jewish Renewal.

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Humankind seeks to establish true personal growth and spirituality in their lives. This is the challenge of the baby boom generation. The challenge of freeing the self from the age of anxiety and turning ones interests to developing true spirituality.

How will they obtain success? What knowledge must they acquire to achieve their goal of effective and consistent self-help? Where are they going to learn the best techniques that correspond to their temperaments and personalities?

This is a book about succeeding at integrating the self and finding true spirituality. Joel Vorensky takes the reader through a thirty-year journey exploring a variety of healing modalities that he and others have experienced with success! Mr. Vorensky is a Credentialed California Teacher and a Peer Co-counselor for the past twenty-eight years. The book's themes are relationships, family, education, philosophy, personal growth, self-help, healing, and spirituality.

Kennedy Carr, Personal Growth Trainer/Counselor.writes: "Joel Vorensky explores the sacred work of embodying Spirit, marrying body and soul to experience the fullest, richest potential of life. He illuminates the realms of spirituality, pleasure, and desire with the sites of our greatest fears, yearnings, satisfactions, and misunderstandings." Honoring both the linear analytical mind and the creatively chaotic mind, he shows how we must recognize and unite our passionate "dark" and serene "light" aspects to become whole and healthy spiritual beings. I DARE TO HEAL is an inspirational guide to wholeness. Joel invites us to become spacious enough to embody the entire drama of our personal and collective soul. I DARE TO HEAL is a magnetic field of wisdom and vision."

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  The benefits of the book include: creating self-confidence through awareness, nurturing your inner-child, instilling faith and compassion for yourself and others, bringing youth, joy and longevity to your life.

It also describes how to develop greater wisdom in your love relationships, dynamically releasing fears associated with anxiety, empowerment, enlightenment, abundance, setting boundaries, forgiveness, conception, birth, betrayal, abandonment, separation, codependency, culture shock, trust, loneliness, community, and loss.

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